IvyDE: Eclipse plug-in for Ivy

Darren - 09 Apr 2009

If you're using Eclipse and Ivy (as we do here at Bizo), you definitely want the IvyDE plug-in. IvyDE will create a classpath container containing all of your Ivy dependencies, making it trivial to keep your Eclipse classpath synchronized with your ivy file.

For automatic installation, point Eclipse's software updates at the following URL:


Once installed, you should go to Eclipse Preferences->Ivy and, in the first text field under "Global settings" point the plug-in at your ivyconf.xml file. While you're there, you can add your organization info at the bottom of the dialog, too. Now, it's simply a matter of right-clicking on your ivy.xml file and selecting "Add Ivy Library" to include all of your Ivy dependencies in the project. Alternatively, you can edit your Java build path and (in the Libraries section) select "IvyDE Managed Dependencies" from the "Add Library..." dialog.

Prior to joining Bizo, I used Maven and m2eclipse for the one-two punch of dependency management and Eclipse integration. With the addition of this plug-in, I now feel like Ant/Ivy/IvyDE gives me all of the convenience of Maven/m2eclipse with a great deal more flexibility. Of course, some of that may be a result of the common-build system we use for all of our projects. Hopefully, we'll have some time to talk about common-build in the near future....

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