Rolling out to 4 Global Regional Datacenters in 25 minutes

Donnie - 26 Oct 2010

Sometimes I just have to sit back and reflect on the amazing operational power available on AWS. As you know, we are hardcore AWS-ers here at Bizo and we've been running in all 4 regions for several months. Recently we needed to roll out a new service which we wanted to be Globally Load Balanced (GSLB) and the rollout was astoundingly quick and easy.

The total time it took us to go from 0 to 4 regions was 25 minutes!!! Amazing! Only 25 minutes to setup a service that is running in 4 regions and 8 datacenters that will autoscale to handle pretty much any amount of load we send it!Shout out to AWS and Dynect for making it almost too easy...

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