Bizo dev team @ TechShopSF

larry ogrodnek - 12 Aug 2011


Every quarter we have an "all hands" week, where the entire company comes to SF (the Bizo team is spread out across the country).

As part of this, we typically spend a day as a development team going over previous accomplishments and upcoming projects, as well as discussing our development process, architecture, etc.

We also spend some time making cool stuff! Last time around we had an internal Arduino workshop. Each developer got an Arduino and various components, and we went through a bunch of exercises from Getting Started with Arduino. We ended the day getting Wii controllers hooked up to our Arduinos (can't beat that).

This time around, we decided to head over to the SF Techshop and learn how to screen print.

We ended up with some great shirts:


They use a really cool process there, where you use a vinyl cutter to create a stencil for your artwork, which you can then just apply to your screen.

It was a lot of fun, and I think we all learned a lot. Special thanks to our instructor, Liz, as well as Devon at TechShop for helping us get this set up.

Check out some more shirts in this photo set.

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