work at Bizo (looking for some good engineers)

larry ogrodnek - 30 Jan 2012

We’re a small, disciplined team that gets a lot done. Our platform processes billions of page views monthly and 100s of terabytes of data so we have lots of fun problems to tackle. We believe in teamwork and communication: comments, design reviews, code reviews for every change, weekly tech talks. We believe in giving developers ownership over projects. We believe Engineering is more than coding. We have fun and keep the beer fridge well stocked.We have customers, are well funded and recently named the forth fastest growing private company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are looking for motivated problem solvers with an entrepreneurial / hacker spirit. If you're a reader of this blog, you already know our technology stack. Some highlights: Scala, Java, Javscript, Ruby, AWS (pretty much every service), Hadoop/Hive, GWT, MongoDB, Solr, etc. If you're interested, please apply on stackoverflow.

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