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Triggering post-Elastic MapReduce steps as parameterized jobs in Hudson

19 February 2010

Here at Bizo, the combination of Hudson for cron management, Hive for report generation, and Elastic MapReduce for provisioning compute power has greatly simplified our data processing. Periodically and automatically, our Hudson cron instance generates Hive scripts for us and launches them in EC2.


Scala Supports Non-Local Returns

7 January 2010

Writing some Scala code today, I found myself using non-local returns without even thinking about it. After realizing what I had done, I dug a little deeper to see what was really going on.


amazon ec2 spot instances

15 December 2009

Yesterday Amazon announced EC2 Spot Instances. The idea is that you can bid on unused EC2 instance time. The 'Spot price' is determined periodically by Amazon based on availability and demand for the instances. If your bid is higher than the spot price, you will get an instance and only pay the spot price. Of course, your instance may be terminated at any time, but the nice thing is that unlike the normal ec2 pricing, here you only pay for full hours of usage.


github spam?

4 December 2009

I just happened to land on the github recent repositories page, and noticed a ton of spam:


quick script: open hadoop jobtracker UI with elastic map reduce

30 November 2009

If you've ever logged into the hadoop master with amazon's elastic map reduce, you'll see something like:


Amazon Web Services Start-up Challenge Finalists

13 November 2009

We are excited to be one of nine finalists in the AWS Start-up Challenge!


Using Hudson to manage crons

2 November 2009

We've been using Hudson for several months now to manage our builds -- we probably have 80-90 different projects that it's responsible for. It's an awesome system for continuous integration and testing.


Clearing Linux Filesystem Cache

20 October 2009

I was doing some performance tuning of our mysql db and was having some trouble consistently reproducing query performance due to IO caching that was occuring in Linux. In case you're wondering, you can clear this cache by executing the following command as root:


bash, errors, and pipes

16 October 2009

Our typical pattern for writing bash scripts has been to start off each script with:


Want to be challenged at work?

12 October 2009

We've got a few challenges and are looking to grow our (kick ass) engineering team. Check out the opportunities below and reach out if you think you've got what it takes...