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java keyword challenge

17 February 2009

Found this C++ coding exercise on twitter this morning: Write a standards-conforming C++ program containing a sequence of at least ten different consecutive keywords not separated by identifiers, operators, punctutation characters, etc.


hadoop job visualization

28 January 2009

Last week we had our first hack day at bizo.


Is a Square a Rectangle?

13 January 2009

Is a Square a Rectangle?


From the productivity improvement department...

17 December 2008

As a software developer, one of the things I rely upon to get the job done is autocomplete. It is a feature I use every day whether that be in the bash shell or Eclipse. The bottom line is that autocomplete saves keystrokes, and, therefore helps me get the job done just a little bit faster. Autocomplete is a close second to sliced bread.


Open Source Simple DB Firefox Plugin: SDB Tool

15 December 2008


pointer fun

24 November 2008

Pointer fun with Binky.


hadoop s3 integration not quite there

19 November 2008

We rely pretty heavily on hadoop for processing lots of log data. It's a really great project and a critical part of our infrastructure.


Try not to crash the IDE...

18 November 2008

We use Eclipse as our IDE. We also use Ruby pretty extensively; we do all of our deployments and configuration using Capistrano.


Video Standups Rock

14 November 2008


disk write performance on amazon ec2

3 November 2008

For a few different projects here at Bizo, we've relied on Berkeley DB. For key/value storage and lookup, it's incredibly fast.