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Hudson/Jenkins With RVM and PhantomJS

13 January 2012

Setting up Hudson/Jenkins to work RVM (Ruby Version Manager) and PhantomJS (for headless JavaScript testing) can be painful. This post will show you how to easily set them up on your own server.


Clustering of sparse data using python with scikit-learn

13 January 2012

Coming from a Matlab background, I found sparse matrices to be easy to use and well integrated into the language. However, when transitioning to python’s scientific computing ecosystem, I had a harder time using sparse matrices. This post is intended to help Matlab refugees and those interested in using sparse matricies in python (in particular, for clustering)


How to Measure Latency Distribution using Amazon CloudWatch

9 January 2012

By default, web services hosted in AWS behind an Elastic Load Balancer have their response rates automatically tracked in CloudWatch. This lets you easily monitor the minimum, maximum, and average latency of your services.


Get Your Company To Blog More With A Game

19 December 2011

At Bizo we try to blog fairly often. But writing blog posts with any degree of frequency at a startup is tough - there are often ten other important tasks that needed to be done yesterday. Finding the time to sit down and write a post when you have features to build, code to review and the occasional meeting is difficult to say the least.


4 tips from the trenches of Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hive

15 December 2011

Some things you can learn from others, and some things you can only learn from experience. In an effort to move some knowledge from the latter category into the former, here are four things we've learned the hard way while working with big data flows using Hive on Amazon's Elastic MapReduce:


Promises in Javascript/Coffeescript

13 December 2011

This happens often. You’re humming along writing some awesome Javascript code. At first everything is neat and organized. Then you add a feature here, an AJAX call there and before your once lovely codebase has turned into callback spaghetti.


IAM for DevOps Organizations

8 December 2011

I gave a talk last month at the Advanced AWS Meetup on how we're using IAM.


SVG Charts, Done Right.

21 November 2011

Here at Bizo we like many companies use charts visualizations in our products. They are fantastic tools for making the lives of our users easier. But unfortunately most charting libraries aren't that great. Some, like Google's visualizations have overly complex apis where you have to contort your data into intermediary objects and zero pad data. Others like flot have poor default options that require you to override almost every option just to get something that looks halfway presentable


5 minute web framework review : reading params

1 November 2011

Through various experiments, hackdays, conversations with other developers, etc. I've found myself experimenting with a few different web frameworks. The focus has been mostly simple webapps / simple REST services written in scala that return html or json. I thought it might be interesting to dive into some focused comparisons in a series of posts.


Advanced Amazon Web Services Meetup

13 October 2011