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Come work at Bizo

25 June 2010

Want to work on some interesting problems with a great development team?


Accessing Bizo API using Ruby OAuth

8 June 2010

During a recent HackDay, I wrote a search-engine-like frontend to our multi-dimensional business demographic database.


Hackday: dependency searching using scala, jersey, gxp, mongodb

11 May 2010

For my hackday project, I thought I would try to build an internal tool to let us more easily search our dependency repository. We use ivy for dependency management, and maintain our own repository in s3. It can be kind of a pain to track down the latest version of library X, especially if you're not sure what the organization is, or maybe you know the org and not the name. It seemed like a fun, useful project that I could tackle in a day, and that would allow me to play around with a couple of things I was interested in. To build it, I used jersey, gxp, and mongoDB. The whole thing was written using scala.


Improving Global Application Performance, continued: GSLB with EC2

5 May 2010

This is an unofficial continuation of Amazon's blog post on the use of Amazon CloudFront to improve application performance.


GWT MVP Tables

2 April 2010

I'm building a GWT MVP app here at Bizo. Despite its upsides (primarily insanely fast unit test), GWT MVP is new, under documented, and, for me anyway, has had a non-trivial learning curve.


Bizo Job - Designer

24 March 2010


Introducing Cloudviz

17 March 2010

Amazon CloudWatch exposes a variety of useful metrics for EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancers, and more. Unfortunately, it is tedious to query directly and the results can be difficult to interpret.


SSH to EC2 instance ID

5 March 2010

I often find myself looking up EC2 nodes by instance ID so I can grab the external DNS name and SSH in. Fed up with the extra "ec2-describe-instance , copy, paste" layer, I threw together a function (basically a fancy alias) to SSH into an EC2 instance referenced by ID.


Get Your Speed Tracer On!

4 March 2010

I first saw Speed Tracer in action at Google I/O 2009 and was pretty amped about it. While we have been using GWT 2.0 features for a few months now (e.g. OOPHM, UiBinder, ClientBundle), I had not tried out Speed Tracer until tonight. Speed Tracer is a Chrome plugin that is as a web performance profiling tool on steroids. The level of profiling information that you can get from this tool is truly amazing. If you develop web apps then I highly recommend that you check it out. I guarantee it will be something you will want to have in your toolbox. Installation instructions can be found here.


Example git/git-sh config

4 March 2010

I've been using git, git-svn, and git-sh while working on Bizo's internal projects and really enjoying it. Per requests from some other devs, here is my git/git-sh config.