AWS Billing Info in Hive

larry ogrodnek - 14 Jun 2012

Amazon recently (finally!) launched programmatic access to your AWS billing data.

Once you turn it on, select a bucket, grant access to the AWS system user, you'll get a .csv file with your estimated billing for the month. The files are delivered daily, but they contain month-to-date information, and will replace the file from the previous day.

It's easy enough to view this information in excel (or similar), but I thought it would be fun to take a look in hive, especially once we start having data for a few months to aggregate over. Amazon delivers the data to the root of your bucket. I decided to start moving it to a hive-partitioned path, to make it easier to query once we start have more data. I wrote a simple scala script to move the data to [bucket]/partioned/year=[year]/month=[month]/[file]. Here's some example code.

Ok, now we're ready to read the data in Hive.

Here's a hive schema for the AWS billing information. It uses the csv-serde (make sure you add that jar before running the create table statement). Run alter table aws_billing recover partitions; to load in the partitions (one per year/month), and you're ready to query.

Like I said, it's overkill to use hive to read this data for a month or so, but it's just so addictive having a SQL interface to arbitrary S3 data :).

Here are some example queries to get you started.

Costs by Service

select ProductCode, UsageType, Operation, sum(TotalCost)
  from aws_billing
 where RecordType in ("PayerLineItem", "LinkedLineItem")
    by ProductCode, UsageType, Operation; 

EC2 usage, by size (across EC2/EMR)

select ProductCode, UsageType, sum(TotalCost)
  from aws_billing
 where RecordType in ("PayerLineItem", "LinkedLineItem")
   and UsageType like "BoxUsage%"
    by ProductCode, UsageType;
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