Amazon Web Services Outages: 4 Steps for Survival

Donnie - 03 Jul 2012

(Cross-post from the Bizo Blog)

Another Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud outage over the past weekend took down some pretty major services such as Netflix, Heroku, Pinterest and Instagram. At Bizo, a company that provides business marketing services for hundreds of F1000 clients, we serve billions of requests a day across tens of thousands of websites, and have our entire infrastructure on the AWS cloud, but didn’t have any downtime. The simple reason is that we take our customers’ uptime and site performance seriously, and have built tools and services on AWS to ensure high-availability (HA) and low-latency (LL) services. Despite the FUD created by many of the industry blogs and press, it is possible to create HA and LL services on AWS if you follow some simple steps.

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